Star rating is commonly used as a means to achieve compliance with energy efficiency provisions of the NCC. However, using VURB method as a means of compliance, has the following benefits:

  • With VURB, your building is compared to your building! not with a Benchmark or a preset of area-adjusted heating and cooling demand. Therefore, VURB allows a comparison with a reference building having the same geometry and features.
  • With VURB, an hourly energy demand for the building is calculated using a weather-file and it is able to model solar gain in an hourly manner. Therefore, physics of solar heat gain in building materials such as windows and also the impact of thermal mass and shading devices are better captured.
  • VURB method utilizes a commercial software for energy analysis. Commercial tools have many features like design optimization and parametric study. This features helps to reach a better solution for the compliance of your building.

These benefits generally allows you to have a cost-effective compliance with the energy efficiency provisions of NCC Vol 2.0, Part 3.12 . Check our past experience for more details.