About Energy Compliance

Energy Compliance is subsidiary & energy assessment arm of GeoHeat Australia Pty Ltd. GeoHeat is your one-stop energy rating and assessment shop that also offers turnkey renewable energy options such as Geothermal and Solar thermal solutions and conventional HVAC solutions.

At Energy Compliance our Assessors and ESD consultants are qualified building professionals all with engineering degree who will be around to solve any of your projects problems well into the future.

What extra do we offer?

At Energy compliance:

  • We offer a unique service guarantee: If we can’t reduce your construction costs by more than the value of our service fee, and you decide not to use our report, we’ll only charge our 40% deposit..
  • All energy ratings are undertaken by qualified mechanical engineers and reviewed by Dr Amir Kivi (PhD from Melbourne University in Energy Systems).
  • We offer all the Energy Compliance options.
  • We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes and seek to achieve the most cost-effective construction solution.
  • We illustrate all the advice we provide on building plans to assist the architects and builders to make sure the building will be installed as per our detailed modelling.
  • We provide cross-section drawings for walls, roofs, and floors to make it easier for architect and builders to implement energy efficiency.
Energy Compliance Consultants
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