New Dwelling @ South Windsor, NSW – Daylight Modelling


Daylight Modelling

Our added value

We were assigned to this project to investigate whether the project’s bedrooms achieve adequate daylight access. Following NCC Vol 2.0 Part P2.4.4, bedrooms must achieve an Average Daylight Factor (ADF) of 2%, which was necessary to obtain a building permit. The only sources of access to natural light were 300mm tubular skylights and PCA advised against it being able to let adequate daylight into the room. Judging from the location of the skylight, which was located at the corner of the ceiling, and also, its area index being less than the 3% requirement under DTS, the PCA claim seemed reasonable.

Daylight analysis using DesignBuilder software showed how poorly the tubular skylight under such conditions performs and thus, the only cost-effective solution was to add another skylight in front of the already installed one, in the vicinity of the area where beds were placed.

Daylight modelling, BESS, ESD, SDA, SMP, Building Permit, natural light, NCC, BCA