Proposed New Residence @ Trentham, VIC – VURB


Verification Using a Reference Building (VURB)

Our added value

We were engaged to undertake a VURB Performance Solution to reduce the overall glazing cost of the proposed 3-bedroom residence. The building was surrounded by trees in a remote area and the trees blocked a large portion of solar irradiation incidence on the building in the winter. The building was located in climate zone 7 and the heating demand reduction was the only key factor to obtain energy compliance using the VURB pathway.

Since the building was surrounded by tall trees, window SHGC couldn’t really play a useful role in reducing the building heating demand in winter. Therefore, under-slab insulation and slab edge insulation was the only measures to maintain the energy efficiency of the project. Internal walls adjacent to the non-habitable spaces were also insulated and together with the maximum added insulation to the external walls and roof/ceiling construction made it possible to increase the overall U-values from U2.5 to U2.9 (more than 15% increase).

Trentham VURB performance solution verification method NCC energy efficiency
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Energy performance solution NCC performance requirement VURB verification method
Energy performance solution NCC performance requirement VURB verification using a reference building verification method