Benefits of could be summarized as follows:

  • Environment: to acknowledge the risks of water shortages and hazards to the biodiversity and ecosystem, Australia has to adopt policies to adopt its developments to make them more environment-friendly in the future.
  • Resilience: Australia is one of the most vulnerable countries to the negative impacts of climate change like sea level rise, bushfires and heat waves. Therefore, its essential for the new developments to be more resilience to the climate change in the future.
  • Management: a good building management ensures the preservation of ecosystem, recycling, effective waste disposal and water management. Councils have several requirements in these areas.
  • Grid independence: with a growing construction industry and ever-growing use of energy, buildings depend more and more on grid network. ESD initiation proposes ways for new development to be more green and grid-independent.
  • Energy saving: new developments must be well-insulated, use windows with high performance and efficient services. These measures reduces energy bills for the future occupants.