New Residence @ Elwood, VIC – VURB thermal modelling


Verification Using a Reference Building (VURB)

Our added value

We were engaged to undertake a VURB thermal modelling to obtain compliance with the NCC performance requirement. Our client already obtained a 6 Stars NatHERS rating with averaged U3.0 windows, however, they wanted to increase it to U3.5.
Using the VURB pathway, we identified solutions in the form of amendments to the current building design. We implemented, assessed and documented the benefit of each amendment as a percentage of increase to the averaged U-values. Our client nearly agreed to all of our proposed amendments and thus we applied all of it to our energy model. After some iterations, we were able to have an overall U-value of U3.5 instead of 3.0 (6 stars from NatHERS).

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