Proposed New Residence @ Selby, VIC – VURB thermal modelling

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Verification Using a Reference Building (VURB)

Our added value

We were engaged to undertake a VURB thermal modelling to reduce the overall glazing cost of the project. Initially, the proposed building got compliance with an average U-value of U3.0. Since the building was located in climate zone 7, only a reduction in the heating demand of the building more than that of the reference building could build our case against the energy efficiency requirements of the NCC.

Aside from our general solutions for buildings in climate zone 7, we identified two major solutions that contributed to the significant reduction in building heating demand. The building shape was wide with a low area-to-perimeter ratio and thus, one great solution was to add rigid insulation to the slab edges. The other solution was to separate the Master bed from the Ensuite with a sliding door; The Ensuite area was large and possessed a roof light, so separating it from the adjacent Bedroom greatly contributes to the saving on heating demand.
Having these changes implemented, we managed to increase the overall U-values from U3.0 to U3.9 (more than a 30% increase). The added value of increasing window U-values outweighs the cost of additional construction works required for the internal partition and doors between the Ensuite and Master Bedroom and the client was very happy to go ahead with our proposed solution.

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