New Dwelling @ Devonport, TAS – VURB modelling


Verification Using a Reference Building (VURB)

Our added value

We were engaged to undertake a VURB thermal modelling to obtain compliance with the client’s selected windows from the market. Through NatHERS pathway, the proposed building achieved 5.6 stars and failed to comply with the energy efficiency requirements of the code as detailed in NCC Vol 2.0, Section 3.12. The only other possible solution was to have a professional company undertake thermal modelling to obtain compliance using VURB pathway.
Using VURB as a performance solution, we implemented our client’s quote on windows as a base and tried to get compliance using all options available. With maximum insulation added to the suspended and intermediate floors and R1.3 insulation blanket to the roof, we managed to get adjacent to the compliance. Then we proposed to adjust the SHGC of the windows while keeping the U-values the same as the quote and our client agreed to it. Finally, after some more iterations, we were able to have an overall U-value of U3.9 instead of 3.3 (5.6 stars from NatHERS)

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Devonport energy NatHERS Tasmania VURB
Devonport energy NatHERS Tasmania VURB