New Dwelling @ Gravelly Beach, TAS – VURB modelling


Verification Using a Reference Building (VURB)

Our added value

We were engaged to undertake a VURB performance solution to reduce the glazing cost. The proposed building achieved compliance through the NatHERS pathway with overall U-values of U2.0, hence all windows had to be efficient double-glazed low-E with thermal breaks.

Using VURB as a performance solution, we tried to apply measures to increase windows’ average U-values to at least U3.0 and more. Since the bedrooms were located south of the building, and with respect to the high heating demand of the building, we filled the internal studs adjacent to the non-habitable spaces with insulation and added 140mm high-performance bulk insulation to the suspended floor. Also, we implemented maximum SHGC to the north-facing windows of the living areas which got us a good buffer for heating. Finally, after some more iterations, we were able to have U-values as high as U3.1 with no amendments to the original plans.

Our client was very happy with the outcomes of this alternative solution and therefore, no additional solutions were proposed to further decrease the construction costs.

Gravelly beach VURB performance solution NCC
Gravelly Beach VURB model simulation
Gravelly Beach VURB model alternative solution
Gravelly Beach VURB model energy efficieny
Gravelly Beach VURB model simulation -04