New Dwelling @ Keysborough, VIC – VURB modelling

Keysborough VURB Energy efficiency
Keysborough VURB Energy performance solution


Verification Using a Reference Building (VURB)

Our added value

We were engaged to undertake a VURB performance solution to reduce the glazing cost. The proposed building was heavily glazed and the client insisted on the original design; which achieved compliance with the code, having overall U-values of U2.2, most windows had to be efficient double-glazed low-E with thermal breaks.

Through many iterations, we couldn’t achieve compliance with U-values higher than U2.4. The problem was that only 30% of the floor was in contact with the soil; hence, cooling demand was higher than that of the reference building.
After discussions with the client, we implemented iterations with the whole floor in contact with the soil with modest rigid board insulation added beneath the night-time area (over the south). Having these, we managed to increase the overall U-values to U3.2 (more than a 45% increase). The added value of increasing window U-values outweighs the cost of additional construction works required for the increased slab area. We also proposed some further solutions like shading optimization over the north-facing windows.

Keysborough VURB performance solution Energy efficiency
Keysborough VURB performance solution alternative solution