Project Description

Glazing cost was reduced by increasing U value from 1.5 to 3.7. This was achieved by adding 115% more insulation to the floor and 53% more insulation to the ceilings.

Proposed residential (class 1a) is located in the city of Bittern. It consists of 1 level with a net area of ?m2.

Through VURB method we managed to reduce overall glazing U-value by more than 30%.

Here are some more details on the degree of insulation and glazing thermal performance for the Bittern project:

Item NCC 2016 Reference Building Proposal Building
Floor  R1.9 added to the suspended floor R6.0 added to all suspended floors.
Total R-Value: R6.35
Internal and common walls For internal walls, no insulation is required.
Solar absorbance for all plaster/gypsum finishes: 0.4
As per reference case.
External walls R2.32 added to the external walls
Solar absorbance: 0.6
R5.0 Insulation added to all new weatherboard walls,
Total R-Value: R5.48R4.0 Insulation added to all existing
Roof/Ceiling R4.56 added to the ceiling and roof
Total R-Value: R5.1
Solar absorbance: 0.6
R7.0 insulation added to all ceilings to have Total roof/ceiling R-Value: R7.54
Solar absorbance: 0.6
External shading Shading from other buildings and external eaves have been implemented into the analysis based on available drawings. New awning added with P=0.8m & H=0.65
Glazing All Doors:
U-Value: 1.94, SHGC:0.66South-facing window:
U-Value: 1.0, SHGC: 0.1East-facing window:
U-Value: 1.46, SHGC: 0.73
Door opening to Sitting room:
U-Value: 3.7, SHGC: 0.56Door opening to Bedroom:
U-Value: 3.7, SHGC: 0.81All windows:
U-Value: 3.7, SHGC: 0.56


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